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AIRLY, 3851

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    'Aiming for Excellence in Education' is our school motto. Our community strives to achieve this by adopting the school values: Respect, Attitude, Co-operation & Environment. You R ACE!
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Welcome to Airly Primary School

“You   R   ACE” at Airly Primary School

Staff and students from Airly Primary School are taught and rewarded for their display of Airly ACE values:

Respect - caring for everybody and everything


Attitude - be happy


Co-operation - working together


Environment - look after plants, animals and the environment


Together, we made a Positive Behaviour Matrix that displays the positive behaviours we expect to see across the school. These are taught to students throughout the school year.

Students who show the positive behaviours are rewarded with Airly ACE cards and are told WHY they are receiving the card (a valuable teaching moment).

At the end of each day, a card is drawn and that student receives the AirlyACE ‘special chair’ award for the next day. This is a highly coveted prize!

When students have received 20 ACE cards, they may choose an individual reward (eg. a cooking Masterclass, lucky dip, LEGO time, iPad time, etc). The reward is negotiated by individual students.

When the class displays ‘ACE’ behaviour students are rewarded with an ACE block (coloured in the appropriate Value colour). When 50 blocks are earned, the class negotiates a special reward day.

Since introducing SWPBS in our school, everyone is more aware of behaviour expectations and consequences. Data is collected to monitor positive and negative behaviour. The overall result is that negative behaviour incidents have reduced and students are more able to articulate our school values and what is expected of their behaviour.

For more information about School Wide Positive Behaviour Support, visit: